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Removal of warts is a necessary measure because tumors can cause discomfort and look ugly on the skin. Although these structures are not itchy and usually harmless, they are of viral origin, so they are easily spread throughout the body. This is why many doctors recommend removing warts. For this, experts will choose the most suitable method.

Causes of warts

Warts are growths on the epidermis, with parameters ranging from 1 mm to 1 cm. The cause of epithelial warts is the papilloma virus, which is infected when it comes into contact with the viral vector.

Sometimes a person can independently promote the spread of infection on the skin, for example, if they use the same razor or towel. This kind of medical infection is called automatic vaccination.

Sharp warts or warts are usually located in the genital area, so they can only be "picked up" during intercourse.

People may be infected with the virus if they have abrasions or cuts on their skin. After the papilloma virus enters the skin, it moves to the nucleus and begins the reproduction process. If a person's immunity is strong, then the cells that are easily infected will be destroyed. Otherwise, nearby cells will be infected and warts will appear on the epidermis.

Types of warts

Papua has several types: plain, flat, sole and pointed. The appearance of common tumors has nothing to do with the person's age group. According to statistics, about 70% of children are infected with this virus. The location of growth is the skin between the back of the hand and the fingers. Sometimes warts appear on the face, near the lips and on the palms.

Causes of warts

Round tissue can grow to 1 cm above the epithelial level. The color of pimples is similar to that of healthy skin, which is why they are hard to notice in the early stages of the disease. If the skin has formed for a long time, there will be other small growths nearby. To remove pimples, you should remove maternal warts, in this case, small tumors will not help, and they will disappear.

Flat papilloma occurs in 4% of people on earth. They are round, polygonal, and have a flat, smooth surface. The shadow of the wart is light pink, and it does not actually exceed the height of the skin. Positioned on the back of the hand, neck, face, and chest. Sometimes found near male and female genitals.

Found plantar papules on the soles of the feet. They have a rough surface and are somewhat similar to the growth of fusion. These warts are characterized by pain during palpation. In addition, papules on the soles of the feet can cause discomfort when walking.

The sharp Con protrusion can cause pain and discomfort in humans. They are located on the skin attached to the mucous membranes: around the lips, inside the anus, around the urethra, around the external internal organs and on the conjunctiva.

The warts grow in clusters and look like broccoli or rooster combs. Normally, the growth will rupture and open the way for various infections. To avoid serious illness, you should consider removing warts.

When should warts be removed?

Many warts do not interfere with a person's life, so no one rushes to see a doctor. With obvious cosmetic defects, infectious infections in other areas of the epithelium, a large number of growth parameters, strong growth of papules, changes in color and shadow, pain during walking and palpation of papillomas, bleeding from papules, an alarm should be given.

Wart removal technique:

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Radio wave removal;
  • Removal by liquid nitrogen (freezing destruction);
  • Laser removal;
  • Surgical intervention;
  • Chemotherapy.

Alternative methods and combined monotherapy can also help get rid of genital warts.

Doctors treat warts with cytotoxic drugs and immunostimulants.

Electrocoagulation characteristics of warts

Use hardware methods to remove warts

The process of using electrocoagulation equipment by experts is considered one of the safest and most effective processes. The pimples are burned with special electrodes and heated to a very high temperature under the action of high-frequency current. After the operation, dry a (rust) is formed at the excision site, which will disappear on its own after 10-14 days.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient will not feel pain or discomfort. The greatest sensation the patient can feel during the operation is a slight tingling sensation in the area to be removed. After electrocoagulation, the patient had no scars or scars on the wound. It takes about 2 weeks for the skin to heal completely.

The essence of radio wave removal

This technology has only recently been used by doctors, and its effectiveness and safety have been established. In order to use radio waves to remove the skin, experts use special equipment. They are unique in that they emit radio waves at a frequency of 3. 8 to 4 MHz.

This technique allows pathological growth to be removed without touching the epidermis. In this process, not only the top layer of the skin is removed, but also the roots of the genital warts are removed. During the operation, the patient will not feel pain. After the operation, there were no scars or scars on the epithelium. The removed material can be sent for other histological studies to understand whether the growth is benign or malignant.

About lattice destruction

The method of removing liquid nitrogen warts is particularly effective because it is safe and effective. Freezing disinfection can remove plantar papilloma without the risk of bleeding and infection.

If the parameter of the lump is small, it can be removed in one operation; if the lump is large and the root is deep, the patient is likely to need two operations.

After removal with liquid nitrogen, the ab appeared in the area of ​​the pimples and disappeared after 1. 5-2 weeks, and the new pink skin remained in place. The disadvantage of this technique is the formation of small scars and scars on the epithelium, and due to the lack of experience of doctors, there is a risk that the growth cannot be completely eliminated.

Laser removal

Laser wart removal

Laser removal of papilloma has many advantages: painless surgery, no scars and residual defects on the skin in the form of scars, no special wound care, and within 3-4 days after surgery, theThe epidermis is detached.

The feature of this procedure is that the laser blocks the small blood vessels in the wart area, so the operation should avoid bleeding as much as possible. Due to the intervention with sterile equipment, condyloma acuminatum can no longer form. The expert sends the removed tissue for histological examination.

Surgery and chemotherapy

If the tumor is large, surgery is needed. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. This technique is considered traumatic, and the defects remain on the skin. With surgical removal, there is a high possibility that the papillomavirus will enter the blood again.

Sometimes the method of removing pointed and flat papules is not as effective as we want. Therefore, in order to eliminate defects, acidic solutions or special drugs can be used. The duration of chemotherapy is at least six procedures.

Apply the solution point by point to the growth, and then rinse off the medicine after a certain period of time. In order to avoid allergies or burns, treat under strict supervision of a doctor.

Use folk methods to eliminate warts

In traditional medicine, there are many ways to eliminate warts once and for all. Some technologies do help, on the contrary, other technologies can exacerbate the problem.

The popular suggestion is to wipe the tumor with fresh garlic every day until it falls off. People also take magnesium (powder). The powder should be consumed in a dose of 5 grams per day.

The celandine method is very effective. Lubricate the growth with celandine juice twice a day. Continue this process until the pimples have detached from the skin on their own.

Another popular method is to freeze condyloma acuminata. You need to apply artificial ice cubes on the warts every day and keep them for 5-10 minutes. After several such meetings, the accumulation will disappear.

An active way to remove warts in folk medicine is to burn pimples with acetic acid.

One drop of acid should be put on the skin infected with papilloma virus every day. As time goes by, the pathology will disappear. Do not put more than 1 drop on the epithelium, as it may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

For unconventional methods, you should be very careful because they cannot guarantee that one person will get rid of the problem.

If home surgery cannot eliminate the tumor alone, you should seek qualified medical help from a dermatologist or surgeon.