Warts: types, causes, and treatment

The appearance of warts on the body in the course of life you meet almost each person. Malfunction of the immune system or the appearance of a new virus in the body cause these benign growths of the skin. Recently science has begun to highlight some of the types of warts at risk, as they are caused by viruses oncogenic. So it is worth carefully read the ability to diagnose and in case of doubt, seek the advice of a dermatologist.

A wide selection of options for the treatment of warts, which can be performed step by step at home and in the salon of beauty and wellness, allows you to easily recover almost all neoplasms of this type.


What is

Warts are small education on the skin, which usually are caused by a human papilloma virus (HPV). These benign growths, but they require a treatment. If you don't treat warts, which over time can occupy all of the great places on the surface of the body. You should be able to distinguish safe warts from other formations, such as melanoma, which is a cancer of the skin. The warts need to be able to distinguish from calluses and moles. There are different types of warts, which have a number of external differences between them.

From what appear to be warts

Warts are caused by viruses, which can easily be purchased through the public goods, public places or walk barefoot. At such sites, it is possible to include a swimming pool, the public bath. According to various sources, carriers of these viruses are in half and more per cent of the population. Very easy warts appear in the presence of skin lesions. With the increased sweating of the skin of the hands and feet, the probability of acquiring the infection in a public place, it becomes larger.

During the normal shake of the hand, there is the possibility to buy the virus. Not worth taking in the enjoyment of others, personal hygiene items and personal things. In addition, the virus is transmitted by sexual intercourse and by using tools that are not sterile, for example, in the beauty salon spa.

The virus that causes the formation of warts, can be in the human body in the long term, up to six months, without causing hemorrhoids. He is capable of incubation and the right conditions. With the weakening of the immune system, the virus will activate, and appear as warts.

The differences from the other configurations

Unlike warts, moles, soft to the touch, and usually of a dark color or black. Warts the same hard, light in color, and apparently as an ox.

the wart

Corn is dead skin cells, with the consequence that after peeling, you can see the latest delicate skin. In view will be healthy. If it is a wart, you will be cheering a pressure-sensitive, and in the case of exfoliate under it there is a layer of skin, which are visible traces of hemorrhage.

Melanoma is the most dangerous in a number of diseases of the skin. Can discriminate on the basis of color and shape. Heterogeneous the red and the black, the shades, the growth and jagged edges accompany melanoma. In the presence of this or similar type of training should immediately consult a dermatologist.

Types of warts

There are different types of warts that can be safely delete in order to have a beautician and a dermatologist. They do not carry in themselves the danger, in addition to the inconvenience and aesthetic defect.

Types of warts:

  • ordinary (simple);
  • youth (plane);
  • orthotics (the folds);
  • filiform (acrochordus);
  • to tip (genital warts);
  • the senile.

Common warts

Usually found on the surfaces of the hands and of the feet, the fingers on the back. Usually have a size of from 1 to 10 mm, and may disappear spontaneously or after treatment. This type of warts can appear as single or multiple formation on the skin. The color is usually yellow-gray, rough surface, and thick. One introduced a wart may then increase even a few, working in large plaques. They can cause pain when you walk, if you are on the surface of the stop.

The wart

Occur most often in children and adolescents. They are a little high above the surface of the skin, have a smooth surface and irregular shape. You can usually find them close to the cuts, scratches and abrasions. Have a size of about 1-5 mm.

Orthotics or folds warts

More painful, and prevent when you are walking, and are often similar to normal corn. They are available in flat, and protruding above the surface of the skin. Chipita — that is what they call this type.

Acrochordus, or filiform warts

This is the formation of large and elongated. They are located most often on the face, neck and armpits. When you remove often grow again, and will almost never disappear on their own. Filiform warts often grow in width by increasing the volume and the width.

the warts on hands

Tip warts (genital warts)

Are considered venericheskie precisely. Love to be placed at the entrance of the vagina and the anus, genitals, lips and the penis in the oral cavity. Seem rounded pink education, which they grow and, with time, can occupy large surface areas. This can interfere with sexual intercourse and defecation, cause pain. They can also encourage the emergence of other infectious diseases. The infection occurs when sexual intercourse, especially in the presence of trauma and microtrauma of the skin.

Warts senile

Usually occur closer to elder age. They are smooth, rounded, with well-defined edges. They usually have light pink or flesh-colored, with time, becoming dark brown. You are on the chest, neck, hands. The size of them is from 2 mm to several centimeters.

Additional types of warts

Some other types of warts today fall into a separate list, as they are able to degenerate into malignant tumors. Their number consists of papilloma of bladder, cervix, larynx, and some others. The treatment of them you must immediately do, and go from a qualified specialist.

How to get rid of warts

The warts tend to increase in size and quantity, bring not only aesthetic problems, but also the discomfort and also pain. Therefore, when the first warts worth attending soon his breeding.

Modern medicine has vast options of patterns of removal of warts. In addition, patients often turn to traditional ways, the basis of which become healing herbs.


A wide choice of drugs will help to quickly and easily get rid of growths on the skin with the help of tools for local action. The means are different for different types of warts:

  • plantar warts – tools of salicylic acid;
  • flat warts – with funds of ammonium and mercury, and trichloroacetic acid;
  • condyloma – funds with a podophyllotoxin.

The first main group of funds for the fight against warts is based on active exfoliating face action of the dead cells (keratolytic).

There are tools that rely on the action of the herbs, such as the celandine. Has been used for many years in folk medicine as a remedy, destroys the inflammation of the skin.

The second group of funds is based on the local effect necrotizing action, namely the destruction of the damaged cells. This tool is applied in place of the skin that covers the wart, with the result that it is destroyed and removed the fabric together with live inside of a virus.

The funds on the basis of the necrotizing and actively in the exfoliating facial procedure should be applied on the affected areas of the skin. Healthy areas can be damaged in case of application of funds.

Cream active ingredient of interferon, which helps the body to fight the virus. Must be used for a long period, up to a month.

warts on the eyes

Removal of warts

The modern methods of treatment also involve the destruction of warts with the most recent developments. You should know that often in cooperation with external operative removal of malignancies is taking immunomodulatory drugs, which allow you to weaken and defeat the virus inside.

  • Cryotherapy – freezing quick – allows you to suppress with warts quickly and without problems. The area of skin treated and the following weeks the wart dies. On it act with liquid nitrogen. This method has the advantage of non-contact impact (no probability of subsequent infectious complications and inflammation), but there is a problem with the machining depth. In the event of an error in the calculation of the depth of impact perhaps the appearance of a scar on the skin. Or, on the contrary, the lack of depth of exposure, and in this case, the wart will be destroyed permanently and recurrence.
  • Laser removal helps to get rid of skin tags when you visit a beauty salon. The laser has a bactericidal effect, which will protect from possible infections. After the laser treatment adjacent tissues will remain healthy and intact, as well as the laser beam of high precision. The advantages of the method the laser that is painless and after the treatment does not remain scars. In the process of removal of warts does not occur bleeding and does not happen suppuration later.
  • Timely removal is carried out surgically. With this method usually are removed, the large and extensive education. The disadvantage of this method is that residual scarring and scars, the possibility of bleeding and infection in the case where the instruments quite sterile treated. Also saved the relative probability of hitting the hpv in the blood.
  • Electrocoagulation – another option in the operational removal of the wart. In this way, the wart wearing a ring of metal, after that is skipped, the current and the wart is removed. The method is good for the surface of the wart with deep roots.
  • Radiosurgery – an alternative way of wart removal. With this method, is performed local anesthesia, and special equipment and a radio produces waves, destroying the tumor. More than one method in beskonechnosti and safety, but is only suitable for warts small.

How to display the wart in the house

Often the decision is made to withdraw the wart in the house. You should know that it's not worth to do this if the wart is on the exposed surface of the skin on the face, the fingers. In the home wart win is possible, but it is likely the remnant of a scar or burn the skin, which will create a cosmetic problem. In addition, there are cases in which after the partial destruction of a wart, the virus is activated and you experience some of new warts.


Are the most popular means of home removal of warts are: celandine, garlic, aloe juice, citric acid and acetic acid. The recipes are many and various, it is worth to highlight the traditional and effective ways to.

  • Rub the warts every day the juice of aloe, celandine, cabbage, lemon, and milk of the dandelion – a couple of times a day until complete disappearance.
  • Apply it on the wart, one drop of acetic acid per day. There is also the option to apply the mixture of flour and acetic acid, which, after drying, it must be covered with a plaster or a bandage for 12 hours.
  • Treatment garlic – pure fruit juice or fruit juice, mixed with flour. They also use affixing half cloves of garlic. The garlic will show the effect not earlier than 10 days, but the positive factor is the absence of scar after healing.
  • The treatment with iodine, lubricant wart several times till the complete drying and extinction.

Pros and cons of treatment options

Latitude possible treatment options for the warts you can select the most secure, cost-effective and simple ways. Easier to the home to view the warts in the initial phase, when still not grown and occupied extensive areas on the skin. Otherwise, it is worth to consult a dermatologist or beauty salon, where professionals will be able to cope with such a complex case.

Optimal treatment methods are worth recognizing those who do not carry the danger of the spread of the virus or the emergence of new infections (contactless). Among these, laser therapy, cryotherapy and some other.

Ways, that do not create scars in the places of removing of warts, it will also be a priority. It is worth to let go of old, "old-fashioned" ways with the application of acetic acid and other acids, which burn the fabric and can damage the health of the cells of the skin, leaving scars. Also, it's not worth trying to cut the warts manually home. This can lead to the spread of the infection and the appearance of new issues, sure to leave scars on the skin for the whole life.

With the healing of warts at home is the best choice are drugs that do not produce harmful effects on the skin. Among these drugs, interferon, juices of plants, herbs and other.

warts senile

Contagious if warts

The warts can be contagious. They are caused by the human papilloma virus which can be transmitted as domestic and sexual. Adhere to the basics of personal hygiene, not by using common objects or personal information of another person.

Warts are tumors caused by viruses. These viruses infected a fairly large percentage of the population. But not always the virus causes the development of warts. The state of the immune system plays an important role in causing the disease and its impact. Strengthening the overall immunity is to promote the prevention of the appearance of the formations on the skin.

A large number of funds, in order to destroy the wart, will help you choose the best solution and quickly deal with this cosmetic flaw.