Papilloma treatment: characteristics, methods, patient comments

Papillomavirus is a generic name for a family of viruses, which can cause papilloma and warts in the human body and lead to the development of cervical or genital dysplasia.

This is why it is important to start the treatment of papilloma virus and papilloma itself at an early stage. We will discuss how to do this in the next article.

Papilloma under magnifying glass


The main reason for the occurrence and development of papilloma is HPV-human papilloma virus. However, this is far from the only factor. Papilloma may appear due to the following phenomena:

  • Stress or depression;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • Promiscuity or neglect of contraceptives;
  • Abuse of alcohol;
  • Prone to infectious diseases;
  • Long-term diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Being treated with powerful drugs (such as antibiotics).

If the basic hygiene rules are not followed, the risk of cancer will increase in public recreation areas-saunas, beaches, baths or swimming pools.

How to treat papilloma

Modern medicine treats papilloma very quickly and painlessly. For this reason, there are many technologies that differ in impact, quality, and cost.

In most cases, patients can choose the method that suits them, but sometimes they must follow the doctor's advice when encountering difficulties.

Laser Treatment

This method is considered the most effective and safest. Its benefits include:

  • No mechanical damage to the skin, thereby eliminating scars;
  • Healing speed
  • No bleeding after removal;
  • Fast removal speed (the whole process is less than 1 minute);
  • 100% sterile and safe;
  • Painless due to controlled exposure temperature level.
Laser removal of papilloma

However, not everyone can treat papilloma with laser. Among the contraindications of this method, women are characterized by pregnancy, as well as the presence of papilloma, cancer, viral diseases, and herpes at the tumor site.

Electrocoagulation technology

Common treatments for papillomavirus include electrocoagulation. This method is used to remove various benign tumors on the human body, including applying electric current to the affected area. The particularity of the program can be manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Since the removed material is not completely destroyed, after removal, the expert can analyze its future risk to the patient. For example, if there are symptoms of cancer, then the material must be analyzed.
  2. Suitable for all ages and skin types.
  3. Continuous visual control and the ability to adjust settings provide a personalized method for organizing procedures.
  4. A fairly fast process takes up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the formation.
  5. There is no infection or bleeding.
  6. A relatively inexpensive method.
Papilloma electrocoagulation

If the electrocoagulation tissue is incorrect, scars may appear at the excision site, and the possibility of recurrence is high. Moreover, this process is more painful, and the postoperative healing period is longer than others, up to 10 days.


To cure the papilloma so that it does not appear again, that is to minimize the risk of recurrence, liquid nitrogen can be used.

At the beginning of the operation, the low temperature will affect the damaged area of the skin point by point without touching the healthy skin, and then remove it. The effect of low temperature starts immediately, which significantly shortens the process. In this case, the patient will not feel pain.

Liquid nitrogen moxibustion is only recommended if the size of the tumor exceeds 1 cm or there is a skin disease near the papilloma.

Cauterizing papilloma with liquid nitrogen

Chemical against viruses

Medicine provides treatments for HPV and chemical methods. This option is more aggressive than the others, but not the most. It includes the fact that the papilloma is burned by a strong chemical, including salicylic acid or similar ingredients, after which it will be covered with a shell for several days, and finally, the shell will soon fall off.

Although this method is even used to remove genital or neck tumors, its use is painful, requires special care, and significantly increases the risk of scarring and other negative consequences.


In this case, cut the papilloma with a scalpel under local anesthesia. The disadvantage of this technique lies first in the healing process-after all, it involves wearing a pressure bandage.

At the same time, the main advantage of this method is that it can remove tumors of any size and depth with high quality.

Surgical removal of papilloma

Treating papilloma with folk remedies

Distrust of modern medicine and other reasons lead people to treat human papillomavirus at home. For this, no medicine is needed-nature will help everything.

Essential oil

Tea tree oil or wormwood oil has antiviral effects. Due to their unique ingredients and regular use, they help to get rid of tumors.

An important condition is to apply oil point by point on the damaged area and avoid touching healthy areas. Regularity is also important. Quality effects can only be obtained in daily use.

If the patient is allergic to oil or personally intolerant, this method should not be used.


Celandine removal method is better than any tablet: due to the scalding effect of its juice, it provides a powerful effect at home. At the same time, fresh natural plant juice is the most effective choice.

Celandine juice in the treatment of papilloma

Burn the papilloma every day, and depending on its depth and size, you will be able to get rid of it within 15-30 days.

It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin because of the high risk of irritation.

Salicylic acid

Why salicylic acid is effective for tumors:

  • Inhibit the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • Neutralize the focus of the inflammatory process.

In order to make the acid work better, please steam the damaged area before the operation, and use laundry detergent or soap to clean it. Papillomavirus will only respond to contact with regular contact before going to bed.

Castor oil treatment

This folk method is considered the most effective and safest. However, it is important to use it correctly:

  1. Soak the cotton pad in castor oil and rub it through the massage action to grow. This action should be repeated up to 5 times a day.
  2. For better results, the papilloma is sealed with plaster from above.

The best result is that the skin can clear the "accumulation" within 3-5 days.

Treated with kerosene and walnuts

The mixture of kerosene and walnuts will help get rid of the tumor within 7 days. The preparation is as follows:

  1. Add green walnuts and kerosene in a 2: 1 ratio.
  2. Crush the nuts and put them in a jar with refined kerosene.
  3. Filter the solution thoroughly and store in a dark place.

The affected area should be treated every morning and evening.

hydrogen peroxide

It is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide as the main medicine, which has multi-functional effects. There are 2 ways to deal with it:

  1. classical. Use hydrogen peroxide to treat papilloma point by point every day, 2 times a day, as needed. Sometimes the treatment process can last up to 1 month.
  2. compression. Once a day, moisten the gauze or cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the damaged area like gauze. It is important to change the compress once a day.

This method has proven to be painless and effective, but it is important to consider that hydrogen can cause irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

What doctor treats papilloma

Several experts have also participated in the treatment of papillomavirus:

  1. Oncologist. In order to rule out the possibility of tumor disease at the resection site or prevent the risk of poor tumor quality, an oncologist will make a preliminary diagnosis.
  2. Dermatologist or beautician. Experts in this field are dedicated to removing papillomas that require cosmetic "jewelry" work-the face, neck, shoulders, chest area.
  3. Surgeon. Complicated procedures and removal methods (for example, surgical procedures) must be performed by professional surgeons to prevent complications.
  4. Dermatologist. This expert treats and diagnoses papilloma in the genital area.

Usually, they turn to a dermatologist for a preliminary diagnosis, and if malignant formation is suspected, they turn to an oncologist.

prevent disease

The treatment of human papillomavirus infection is not always limited to removal of the tumor. If the virus has spread in the body, the process of fighting it may take a long time. This is why it is better to neutralize and prevent diseases than to cure them. To this end, doctors have formulated many useful preventive measures:

  1. Try to avoid bad habits, especially drinking alcohol.
  2. Always protect yourself during sexual intercourse, including anal and oral sex. Remember to maintain hygiene and share sex toys carefully.
  3. In some cases, vaccination will be given. The vaccine can be vaccinated from 9 years old. It is non-responsive and non-aggressive and does not require preliminary examination.

It is also recommended to conduct routine inspections once a year in order to detect the disease early. Statistics show that at the age of 50, a sexually active person is infected with one of the active or passive forms of HPV in some way.

Treatment reviews

  • "The ugly papilloma on my neck prevents me from wearing strapless clothes and constantly makes me feel uncomfortable. When I went to see a dermatologist, he suggested removing it with a laser-it made me very scared. Then I decidedI removed the papilloma by myself. I bought castor oil and rubbed the papilloma 3-5 times a day. After a few weeks, the papilloma began to shrink and then dried up completely. "
  • "I did not immediately notice the papilloma in the private area: I felt uncomfortable while walking once, and then I noticed it. I was immediately scared and turned to the gynecology department. There, the doctor checked everything, performed a visual analysis, and concludedIn conclusion, the tumor is benign. I sighed calmly. I chose the laser removal method. The removal was quick and there was no injury. Now I am not worried about my health, but I decided not to give up the scheduled examination. "
  • "A large papilloma on my leg prevented me from living for a long time: it kept rubbing my clothes, causing a painful sensation. I decided to delete it. After the examination, the doctor said that for such a large papilloma, I can onlySurgical resection was used. At first I was scared, but I had no choice. The operation was performed under general anesthesia and no pain was felt. After removal, there was still a small spot, but it disappeared after a few weeks. ICompletely satisfied. "