How do folk remedies treat warts?

It is possible to effectively treat warts with folk remedies if the advice of a dermatologist is followed and only after a doctor's examination. Depending on where the human papillomavirus (HPV) enters, there may be benign skin growths on the arms, legs, and whole body.

Flat and plantar thick objects are treated differently, depending on their structure and factors affecting the skin. Let us analyze the most common types of warts on the human body and their effective home treatments.

Types of warts

There are a total of more than 10 skin hyperplasias, which can be benign or derived from malignant cells. When there is a malignant process, the formation is only the result of tumor growth, and its treatment is ineffective or even harmful.

How to remove warts on the skin

Therefore, it is reasonable to consider the treatment of pure benign structures on the hands, face, mucous membranes and legs. These structures will not harm health, but will cause considerable discomfort.

  1. The warts on the face, hands, and neck are flat growths, and their treatment with folk remedies is based on the principle of cauterizing with solutions prepared at home or ready-made products purchased in pharmacies. A characteristic of flat warts is that they appear on sensitive areas of the skin-neck, face, and hands. Therefore, they only need to be removed using a proven and gentle method so that they will not leave marks on the skin after the growth disappears. For this, you can use vegetable oils and juices, homemade tinctures based on natural plants, and safe ointments.
  2. How to remove warts on the eyelids
  3. Large plantar warts are growths on the legs that become thicker over time and are more difficult to remove. To remove them, more aggressive reagents are used—the sap of poisonous plants, and pharmaceutical preparations based on nitrogen and acids.
  4. Condyloma acuminatum on the mucous membrane-This type of wart has a viral cause, so treatment with folk remedies can only be used as a supplement to the main treatment.

Suggest!You can determine the type of education yourself, but to be on the safe side, it is best to see a dermatologist. This will allow you not only to ensure the correct self-diagnosis, but also to find out which folk recipes are most effective.

Popular recipes for flat warts

Removal of flat vegetation on the hands will help products such as garlic juice, magnesia, potatoes, bread ears and many other natural plants. Its role is to burn, dry and prevent the growth of warts.

Garlic for arm warts
  • Garlic juice-Effective replacement therapy for skin neoplasms on the hands. To do this, you need to take a clove of garlic and rub it into the previously treated skin area. You can treat warts with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol solution and rub garlic when the skin is dry.
  • Grain ears-This method has no medical basis, but it is widely used. If you pierce the wart with a straw and then put the straw back in place, you can judge whether the wart will fall off by itself based on its growth. When the ears begin to rot within a few days, it means that the warts will disappear soon. But let us return to more reasonable alternative treatments.
  • Green apple-Cut into two parts and rub the wart with these lobes. You can repeat this every day, malic acid will negatively affect the growth of education and prevent it.
  • Ice cubes to treat warts
  • Deicing-This method is based on freezing the warts with ice. You need to wrap an ice cube in a napkin and place it in place of the wart until you notice severe soreness. Repeating this procedure regularly (several times a day) will cause the formation to die and the warts on the hands or face will disappear.

Suggest!During home treatment, you need to monitor the integrity of the growth and under no circumstances should it be torn or pierced with an unsterilized needle. An infection may occur, and then you will have to receive treatment, not at home, but under fixed conditions and under the supervision of several doctors at the same time.

Recipe for removing hardened warts

The easiest way for internally displaced persons to enter is through foot injuries. This happens when walking barefoot, in public places that may be in direct contact with other people or surfaces-beaches, swimming pools, bathrooms.

When the virus enters the damaged foot, that is, when it comes into contact with an open wound, it will leave marks in the same place in the form of warts. At first, it was small, like a corn, but often rubbed with shoes caused it to thicken. This kind of wart is called plantar wart. They look like calluses, so they are often eliminated in the wrong way. Consider how to use folk remedies to eliminate thick and long objects on the sole.

The stage of removing rough plantar growths:

  1. First, you need to remove as much dead skin as possible from the surface. With the help of catalytic substances, you can completely exfoliate the keratin, which will cause rapid stratum corneum breakdown. These substances include salicylic acid and other acids.
  2. In the second stage, you need to act directly on the wart. To do this, freeze the growth with ice and burn it with celandine juice or other powerful substances provided by traditional medicine.
  3. The final stage is skin repair, excluding scar formation and damage to adjacent areas. It is necessary to apply lotion, bath and dressing during the treatment and for a period of time after treatment.

Suggest!When the treatment reaches the final stage, you need to make sure that the tissue under the wart is intact, the skin on the foot is sensitive enough, and that the selected removal method has no side effects.

Folk treatment characteristics of skin neoplasms

Family therapy, that is, self-medication, is a risk to your own health and the health of those around you. What do you need to remember when starting to use folk remedies to remove skin growths?

  1. The wart may not be what it claims-it may be a manifestation of melanoma or a serious internal disease.
  2. Chemical burns are not the most harmless injury.
  3. In children, allergic reactions are very difficult-conjunctivitis, otitis media, rhinitis, Quincke's edema.
  4. Most plants used for home treatments contain poisonous sap. You need to know how to deal with them.
  5. There is no single correct choice for wart removal. You always need to follow a regular and comprehensive approach.

Flat warts or plantar warts can be easily removed with folk remedies, but only when they first appear. It happens that vegetation on the skin is just a symptom of a more serious systemic disease, and it is only possible to get rid of it after the fundamental problem is eliminated.