Papilloma virus (HPV)

Papilloma — outgrowth is benign, caused by HPV (HPV-person) and occurs in different parts of the body: the armpits, the vocal chords, genitals, eyelids, neck, in the bladder, the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.

Simple papilloma

Top-5 terrible facts that you should know about HPV

  1. Scientists have discovered more than 190 types of HPV. Of these, at least 13 types of are the cause of cancers.
  2. In 2011, scientists in Australia conducted the research, after which it is established a relationship of breast cancer with the HPV.
  3. Cancer of the cervix (or cervical cancer) in 100% of cases occurs on the grounds of impact on HPV.
  4. By the end of 2013, HPV vaccination is inserted in 55 countries.
  5. Today there are techniques and medicines that have brought a virus from the body to 100%.

What does this mean? At least on the fact that HPV is not harmless growths that appear on the skin. If you have a lot of papillomas, it is advisable to pass special survey and to be health conscious.

Varieties of warts. Only on more than 190 types of

Cover and describe all the types of clostridium botulinum. Therefore, in this article we have collected the most common.

  • Simple (ordinary, vulgar). They appear as round papule of the size of a pinhead, as they grow, they acquire a rough surface. Often, the first appears to be 1 of the wart, and around her with the time to occur other, with the passing of the years become more and more. This type of warts appear on the palms of the hands, between the fingers of the hands and feet, in feet, and the shoes on the front, in the area of lips and chin. The treatment is quite complex.
  • Filiform (acrochordus). Are caused by 2 and 7 types of viruses, occur on the eyelids, under the breasts, neck, groin, and others. Are the most common, you meet men and women. In the first stage is kept yellowish, after 1-4 weeks it is exposed. Acrochordus can be elongated or circular in shape, almost always as if it were "hanging" on a thin stem. In the majority of cases occur in people with weakened immune systems, as well as in those over the age of 40 years.
  • Flat. Are any of the groups on different areas of the body: around the anal opening, on the genitals, face, back; often flat papilloma virus is encountered on the neck of the uterus and on the surface of other organs. The appearance is reminiscent of warts or a large convex neo; growths have brown, beige or dark brown shades; and "high" below the surface of the skin approximately 0.5-2.5 mm.
  • Genital warts. The individual growths have marked-to final shape and pinkish in color. Often condyloma "combined" in a great accumulation, which in appearance resembles the crest of a rooster, or in the nose of the turkey. Genital warts are transmitted only by sexual intercourse, so often found on the neck of the uterus, the genital mucous membrane, on the penis, in the urethra and on other sites. The danger of warts is their destructive character and immediate dissemination.
Filiform papilloma

The causes of. How, where and why they appear?

Natural the cause of the appearance of unpleasant warts, and scaling – HPV (he same human papilloma virus). The prevalence of virusological in the human population is over 60 %. This means that almost every second is a potential carrier of the virus.

Mode of spread of the virus are the following:

  • Sexual. The virus is transmitted through sexual contact, the body appears to be genital warts (are anogenital warts).
  • During childbirth. During childbirth, the body of a newborn baby "engages" the virus, and then the children are warts, and papilloma virus. It is usually possible to identify in the child in the age of a few months.
  • In the home, on public transport and in other public places. The Virus can freely exist in the bathrooms, on the handlebars and seats of public transport, on clothing and footwear, products in the course of a few days. In the human body enters through lesions, sores and cracks on the skin. Be cautious when you visit saunas, swimming pools, saunas.
  • During the course of the determine procedures. For example, it is possible to "hook in" to the HPV when shaving or during epilation.

The virus can not hide, do not hide. It is true, there is a positive news: in 90% of cases the body is able to cope with the HPV. No pills, no injections, no surgery.

Diagnosis types of papillomas

The diagnosis includes at least 7 treatments that are used for the detection of HPV in the body, determine their species, the treatment method/remedy:

  1. The the clinical examination. The receiving specialist to identify all the types of hemorrhoids, which are present on the body of the patient. The doctor examines them and makes notes. If they are detected anogenital warts, then it is assigned a visit to the gynaecologist for the state visit of the neck of the uterus; men may assign procedure ureteroscopy.
  2. Colposcopy. It is a diagnostic exam of female genital organs with a special device — colposcope. Normal colposcopy does not require the use of medications and drugs, she is not effective enough. Colposcopy with the use of medication drugs you can detect the virus and its manifestations. The procedure applies a test with acetic acid (or Acetic Acid Test).
  3. The cytological examination. It carries out classification for the so-called PAP smear test, which includes 5 classes. The first — normal framework, the cytology, the fifth – a large number of atypical cells (which can cause cancer).
  4. The histological examination. In the course of its execution, looking for deep plots malpighia layer in the field of development in their koilocyte.
  5. Typing of PCR. Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to detect some types of viruses. But there are also less: in 20% of cases, the typing gives a false result (due to the fact that the infection has a short duration). But the research is very important for the diagnosis of viruses and other diseases.
  6. Digene-test (or screening test). The procedure is used worldwide for the rapid identification of high concentrations of virus in the body. Digene-test is popular, because it guarantees the accuracy of the research.
  7. Polymerase chain reaction (or PCR). Allows you to detect not only viruses, but also other sexually transmitted diseases.

How dangerous is the papilloma virus?

A small "wart", which appeared on your body, does not attract the attention, but it hides a great danger. Papilloma virus can cause terrible diseases:

  • Cervical dysplasia.
  • Flat papilloma
  • The cancer of neck of uterus (cervical cancer).
  • Cancer.
  • Cancer of the oral cavity.
  • Impotence.
  • Choking, signs of asthma (especially in children).
  • Cancer of the throat.
  • Lesions of the mucous membranes.
  • The Bowen's Disease.
  • Cancer of the oral cavity.

Wart, the "find" on the forehead, on the chin or above the lip, lowers your self-esteem and attracts the attention of others. Papilloma can grow inside of a shell of a century, then she will be the constant sensation of "splinter in the eye", the beauty of the eyeballs, tingling.

"Growths" may cause aesthetic and psychological problems. But their main danger – health problems (up to the cancer and pre-cancerous lesions).

The treatment and removal of warts. How to do it?

It is important to understand if: there is no way that could destroy the HPV. All we can do now, — to liquidate its manifestations (in the form of warts, papillomas and other growths on the body). They cause pre-cancerous conditions and cancer (not the HPV!). There are cases when the HPV has lived in the body of the bracket of 20-30 years, but is not manifested on the skin.

General therapy with the use of antiviral drugs and immunomodulators prescribed in rare cases. Doctors prescribe these drugs in the event that have to do with highlyoncogenic types of viruses.

In most cases, well-manifested drugs and medicinal herbs, enough to guzzle 1 time a year, are fast enough to inhibit the human papilloma virus.

For the removal of tissues, the official medicine, the following methods are used:

  • The surgical removal. It is a measure of last resort in the struggle with warts and papillomas. Usually it is used in the case of, when the accumulation became too great. Removal requires the preparation of the patient, the qualifications of the treating physician, the use of local anesthesia. After the procedure overlaps the seam, to attach the fabric. The skin heals after 3-4 weeks, but can remain the scar/tripe.
  • Electrocoagulation. A procedure that involves an impact on the accumulation of the electric. Need to "cauterise" not all of the area affected, but only its base. The main benefit of procedures that vessels gently heat-sealed, the blood almost none. Recovery of the skin occurs 7-10 days, the risk of scar formation minimal.
  • Laser photocoagulation (removal laser). Provides the impact on the hearth accumulation of the laser light. Laser photocoagulation done without anesthesia, is performed step by step in a few minutes, on the rough skin crust (which quickly disappear without leaving a trace). The risk of scarring is small, the procedure allows you to remove the build up of the wart or warts. The only disadvantage is the high cost of the operation.
  • Moxibustion nitrogen (cryosurgery). For the performance of the procedure is necessary a small drop of liquid nitrogen falls on the wart and immediately destroys the protein structure. You can get rid of the bad accumulation after 7-10 days. Moxibustion nitrogen (cryosurgery) is considered to be convenient and effective, but with a great defeat, you may need a couple of sessions. The method is actively used in public hospitals and private clinics, health centers, and aesthetics. The only drawback – the risk of the reappearance of the rest, if the specialist is not until the end of his burning.
  • Genital warts
  • Radiosurgery. Not used in all the cases, is carried out with the aid of equipment Surgitron. The method appeared not so long ago, allows you to safely and quickly remove all of the bad growths. But until that radiosurgery is available shortly because of the high cost of the equipment and great service price.
  • The method of chemical degradation. For the carrying out of procedures use "vigorous" chemicals and acids. These compounds applied on the surface of the warts, condylomas or warts without the use of special equipment. The most economical method, but relatively effective.

The treatment and removal popular ways

If you are afraid to go to the doctor, if you don't have money in expensive operations, you can try the treatment and removal-popular ways. We have collected the most effective methods of removing warts of the own, read this page: Removal of warts at home.

How not to be infected by HPV? Prevention and important information

Until scientists are working to create generic drugs to fight the disease. Among the measures of prevention are:

  • Barrier contraception (condom). Use this method to protect yourself from HPV transmitted by sexual intercourse.
  • The vaccine developed in the UNITED states, since 2006, is used to protect girls from cervical cancer registered, caused by a virus; it is expensive.
  • Hygiene at the household level. You can live with the man-virus ferebat, but also do not know. Then take care of the hygiene in the house.
  • Hygiene in public places. The virus is transmitted through wounds, cracks and damage to the skin. If you have them, not to visit public places (or at least protect the affected areas, patch).

We hope that you now know HPV all!