The plantar wart

Plantar wart — hard and plain education, on the skin of the foot, the more dominating his level, and covered with a layer of Horny epithelial. The main method of diagnosis of plantar warts — dermatoskopiya. Position warts on the sole door to his constant injuries and the onset of pain during the journey. For this reason, plantar warts often require treatment, even if it can pass by themselves. Methods of removal are cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, removal wave radio conventional machine or with laser.

the plantar wart

General information

The plantar wart refers to benign tumors of the skin, and represent approximately 34% of all warts. The diagnosis and treatment of warts focuses on dermatology. Application popular methods to get rid of warts, and the medication is highly undesirable. The plantar wart is deeply outgoing in the skin root and its incomplete removal will lead to a new growth, warts, and excessive damage to the surrounding tissue — the appearance of warts in other parts of the body.

The causes of plantar warts

Human Papilloma virus (hpv, warts, and all types of warts (common, flat, filiform, plantar) are of the same nature — infestation of the body by the virus of the papilloma (HPV). The virus is spread between people through infected cells of the skin (contact). More favourable for him is humid and hot environment. Therefore, HPV infection often happens in swimming pools, saunas, saunas and gyms. When it is strong enough to work on immunity to HPV in the human body remains in latent state, and does not give clinical manifestations. The failure of the immune system results in the activation of the virus and the appearance on the skin of the above mentioned formations.

The development of plantar warts can contribute to excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) or dryness of the skin of the foot; wear uncomfortable shoes, causes compression or friction of the skin of the foot; the various deformities of the foot (flat foot, arthrosis deformans, arthritis of the small joints of the foot); diseases that lead to trophic disturbances of the tissues of the foot (diabetes mellitus, varicose veins of the lower limbs, atherosclerosis, etc.), damage to the skin of the foot.

Manifestations plantar warts

The plantar wart is a solid clearly delimited seal rubber on the outsole. Often has oval or round shape and a size of about 1-2 cm, the Formation of 1-3 mm is acting above the general level of the skin. The color of the skin in the area plantar warts are usually not modified, but can be light brown or pink.

The surface of the wart at the beginning of his training smooth. With the time it is covered by layers of Horny epidermis, becomes rough, and the color changes to gray-yellow. Sometimes in the centre of plantar warts is celebrated krateropodobnoe deepening. Black-brown point, which can often be seen on the surface warts, are due trombirivaniem of the surface capillaries.

As a general rule, the plantar wart is a single character. The appearance of the son of warts demonstrates the high activity of the virus. Multiple warts damage mosaic affected area soles of the shoes, for which they were appointed as "mosaic warts".

Can be independent of the disappearance of plantar warts. In this case, on the skin of the foot does not remain any trace. But more often, because of the constant injuries, the permission, the same warts will not occur. It is not painful, in and of itself, begins to cause a considerable discomfort to the patient and also strong the pain associated with the friction and pressure warts on the sole of a shoe.

The diagnosis of plantar warts

Apparently the plantar wart often reminds us, the corn or the texture of the skin hyperkeratosis. To distinguish it from these formations can only professional dermatologist. This is held dermatoskopiya. To better explore the formation of a medical pre-produce scraping of the upper layers the Cornea epithelial. The lack of the skin pattern on the surface of the statement and the identification of the characteristic signs of "thrombosis in capillaries," they say in favor of plantar warts. Positive results of PCR diagnostics for HPV confirm inficirovannost of the patient.

To determine the depth of germination plantar warts patient is assigned to ULTRASONOGRAPHY of the skin of education. In case of suspicion of the malignant character formation of the council meeting is held dermato oncologist. In identifying deformations and diseases of the foot, you need to consult podologa.

Podoshvennuyu wart differ with keratodermiei soles and palm rest in the syndrome Raytera. Smaller training, not conical, and flat shape, the symptom "thrombosis capillaries" and the absence of inflammatory changes around the dead accretions allow you to distinguish podoshvennuyu wart from keratodermii. Palmar-plantar sifiloidy have some similarity with the plantar wart. From the last of their distinguish the character of multiple, in the absence of pain and the characteristic arrangement in the shape of rings or arcs, or a positive RPR test for syphilis.

Treatment plantar warts

treatment plantar warts

Removing plantar warts complicated its deeper than other types of warts, sprouting in the dermis. For this reason, electrocoagulation, for example, is not always suitable for get rid of warts. Its use is possible only in the case of a surface location, plantar warts, and is often complicated by the formation of a scar.

Give good results with cryosurgery warts. The result depends on the experience of the physician, as well as too deep the impact can lead to healing of the wound with the formation of a scar, and too superficial — to a relapse of warts. After the treatment with liquid nitrogen on the spot warts remains in the bubble, that may not hurt until the healing (approximately 7 days). Removal laser gives the best cosmetic result and allows you to adjust the depth of exposure in an optimal way. Removal of warts, laser is simple and painless, and the healing takes several days.

For the removal of plantar warts can be applied with the collaboration of the method, in which the wart is cut off the radio with a knife. At the same time occurs cauterization of the blood vessels, which warns the bleeding and penetration of the warts virus in the blood. Surgical excision is ideal for the plantar warts of large size. Held the usual scalpel under local anesthesia and may be complicated by the formation of a scar.

Prevention of plantar warts

Primary prevention of the appearance of plantar warts is to prevent infection from HPV. Particular attention should be paid to the wearing of shoes, personal areas, showers, swimming pools and bathrooms. Of great importance, especially for people with diseases stop, the proper care of the skin of the foot: the regular pedicure, peeling, and treatment of razmyagchayuschimi means.

Patients with a deformation stop, you need to use insoles orthopedic, the orthotic, the discharge of the auditor. With the increased sweating of the feet is important to choose shoes from natural materials and use podsushivayuschee funds. If the dryness and cracks on the leather soles are necessary nutrients and moisturizing creams, medicinal foot bath.

Secondary prevention plantar warts is the appointment of a patient, together with the removal of warts antiviral drugs and immune correctors.